Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), California Institute of Technology (CALTECH), Material Science Department, (Prof Dr. Sossina Haile), USA

B.S. Bilkent University Chemistry Department,  (Prof. Dr. Sefik Suzer), TR

M.S. Sabanci University, Quantum Transport & Nano Electronics Laboratory, (Assoc. Dr. Ismet I. Kaya),  <Master Thesis PDF>, TR

Ph.D. Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces , (Prof. Dr. Markus Antonietti and Dr. Habil Helmut Coelfen), DE (12.December.2009) <PhD Thesis PDF>

P.D. MESA+ Institute of  Nanotechnology, (Prof. Dr. Han Gardeniers, Prof Dr. Gudio Mul) ,  NL 

Research Interest:

Artificial Photosynthesis, Microfluidics, Attenuated Total Reflectance, Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry, Analytical Ultracentrifug, Electron electron scattering in Two dimensional Electron Gas

Welcome to my personal page. I am a postoctoral fellow student at Mesoscale Chemical System  group in University of Twente.

You can reach me at

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Since July 2011, I am developing my own research line in the direction of artificial photosynthesis with “Towards Bisolar Cells” Grant (983.000 €) Grant idea about artificial photosynthesis is invented, developed by myself. I have initiated a network for the grant (Prof. Gardeniers from University of Twente, Prof. Joost Reek and Prof. Brouwer from University of Amsterdam). I wrote the Twente University part of the grant. 1/3 of the money will be received by the University of Twente.


Publications: International (refeered) journals: 

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Publications at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA:

2) Engin Karabudak, Cinar Oncel, Lisa A. Cowan, Sossina Haile, "A new superprotonic material CsxRb(1-x)HPO3H and Cation size effect on superprotonic behavior",  (in preparation), Contact:

Publications at Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey:

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